Welcome to Black Pond Farm!

From 2009 to 2014 our family owned and operated farm served the local community through the production of fresh seasonal food with maximum protection of the land. Our CSA and roadside vegetable stand was a 5-year project through which we learned to sustainably farm, to engage with our local community, and to foster healthy lifestyle choices. This experience was a blessing and a “growing” opportunity for our family, friends, and neighbors.

With the cyclical harvesting seasons, time has flown by. Our children as well as our farming endeavors have continued to change and flourish. We no longer are offering our CSA memberships and our vegetable crops have considerably downsized. The information on this website documents our journey, however some elements are now outdated. 


Our farm is now home to SolisAgro Flower Farm, LLC a producer of specialty cut flowers serving local florists. 


    Email: solisagroflowerfarm@gmail.com

 Instagram: @solisagroflowerfarm    


Our other endeavors include:



We thank everyone who has taken part in supporting and celebrating Black Pond Farm. 

We are still located at 2254 Copley Rd. Copley, OH